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Coding Teachers projected to be #1 most in-demand profession in 2020

In 2020, AI and robotics will touch 800 million jobs. Schools today are grappling with a shortfall of 370,000 computer teachers. With coding becoming an integral part of school curriculum across every grade, computer teachers are projected to be the #1 most in-demand profession.
WhiteHat Jr is the only organization qualified to certify teachers as Early Childhood Coding Experts. Post your successful application, WhiteHat Jr trains you for free and certifies you as a Coding Expert after completing 500 live classes on the platform.


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Early Childhood Coding Expert Certification Requirements

Kid Passion

Teaching kids of grades 1-12 online is both fun and challenging. Fun to see how bright they are, challenging to hold their attention for an entire 30-45 minute class. Passion to engage kids is a must!

Strong logic

WhiteHat Jr curriculum fosters algorithmic and abstract thinking.

High Speed Internet

WhiteHat Jr classes are conducted live online. You need a minimum 20 Mbps Internet Connection and daily data package of 1GB to conduct the class.

Modern PC

Online Classes need strong visual and audio cues. Your laptop or PC should have a microphone and camera. Earphones will further enhance your classroom experience.

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WhiteHat Jr Detailed Coding Curriculum


Learn commands, loops, functions, conditions.
Build puzzles, games and apps.
Grade 1

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn algorithms, abstractions and events.
Build characters, animations and apps.
Grades 2-3

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn variables, robotics & UI Design.
Build commercial-ready animations & apps.
Grades 4-6

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn Algorithms, Sprites and Artificial Intelligence.
Build entrepreneur-ready apps and games.
Grades 7-9

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144
Applied Tech

Deep Learning, Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing Life –Tech: Predict Disease & more Grades 10+

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144
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