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Coding Teachers projected to be #1 most in-demand profession in 2020

In 2020, AI and robotics will touch 800 million jobs. Schools today are grappling with a shortfall of 370,000 computer teachers. With coding becoming an integral part of school curriculum across every grade, computer teachers are projected to be the #1 most in-demand profession.

WhiteHat Jr is the only organization qualified to certify teachers as Early Childhood Coding Experts. Post your successful application, WhiteHat trains you for free and certifies you as a Coding Expert after completing 280 live classes on the platform.


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Early Childhood Coding Expert Certification Requirements

No Prior Coding Experience Needed

Kid Passion

Teaching Ages 5-12 online is both fun and challenging. Fun to see how bright they are, challenging to hold their attention for an entire 30-45 minute class. Passion to engage kids is a must!

Strong logic

WhiteHat Jr curriculum fosters algorithmic and abstract thinking. You don’t need a computer science or coding background. But a College degree in Math, Logic or Science fields is a strong fit.

High Speed Internet

WhiteHat Jr classes are conducted live online. You need a minimum 2 MBPS Internet Connection and daily data package of 1GB to conduct the class.

Modern PC

Online Classes need strong visual and audio cues. Your laptop or PC should have a microphone and camera. Earphones will further enhance your classroom experience.

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WhiteHat Detailed Coding Curriculum


Learn commands, loops, functions, conditions.

Build puzzles,
games and apps.

Grade 1

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn algorithms, abstractions
and events.

Build characters, animations and apps.

Grades 2-3

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn variables, robotics &
UI Design.

Build commercial-ready animations & apps.

Grades 4-6

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144

Learn Algorithms, Sprites and Artificial Intelligence.

Build entrepreneur-ready apps and games.

Grades 7-9

CLASSES: 3x/week
Total : 144
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WhiteHat Jr follows a fast, disciplined 5-Step Selection Process for confirming your candidature. Apply today and you’ll hear from us in 24 hours. Within 10 days, you’ll start earning on the platform.

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