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Why become a WhiteHat Jr Teacher

Earn More Than
Rs 50K per month

WhiteHat Jr selects only the Top 1% of the applicants after a rigorous 4-step recruitment process. On selection, their monthly salary exceeds that of full-time IT professionals.

You choose your work hours and location

All WhiteHat Jr classes are conducted online, in live 1:1 sessions. You decide the timings of your classes, all from the comforts of your home. More the classes, more your earnings!

Early Childhood Coding Expert certification

You get a free alumni Early Childhood Coding Expert certification, on selection! You will then start teaching kids of grades 1-12, how to create animations, games, apps, and more.

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*Limited spots only

The WhiteHat Jr Phenomenon.

Average Annual Salary (Rs. Lakh/Year)

WhiteHat Jr is the highest paying teacher platform in India. Tutors are paid Rs. 325 per 60 minute class, thus earning a higher entry salary than doctors, engineers and lawyers. You’ll earn even more incentives for punctuality and quality!

All classes are conducted live online so you fix your own schedule. We recommend applying only if you are available 4-8 p.m everyday and weekends to maximize your earnings.

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WhiteHat Jr online coding classes for kids

WhiteHat Jr certifies you to teach skills of the 21st Century

Coding Logic

Learn to teach commands, loops, sequences and conditions to strengthen kids’ logic and technical skills.

User Design

Kids learn design thinking to build animations, games and apps. User design changes kids’ relationship with technology to becoming creators versus consumers of ideas.

Abstract Reasoning

Learn decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithmic thinking to improve kids’ abstract thinking scores. Aid your students in acing Olympiads and IB entrance tests.

Growth Mindset

Kids stretch and persist to create code as good as software engineers. The confidence of creating commercial-ready products at a young age re-enforces their love for learning.

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*Limited spots only

WhiteHat Jr Teacher Requirements

Kid Passion

Teaching kids of grades 1-12 online is both fun and challenging. Fun to see how bright they are, challenging to hold their attention for an entire 30-45 minute class. Passion to engage kids is a must!

Strong logic

WhiteHat Jr curriculum fosters algorithmic and abstract thinking.

High Speed Internet

WhiteHat Jr classes are conducted live online. You need a minimum 20 Mbps Internet Connection and daily data package of 1GB to conduct the class.

Modern PC

Online Classes need strong visual and audio cues. Your laptop or PC should have a microphone and camera. Earphones will further enhance your classroom experience.

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*Limited spots only

WhiteHat Jr’s Industry Leading 4-Step Teacher Selection Process

WhiteHat Jr follows a rigorous 4-Step Selection Process for confirming your candidature. Apply today and you’ll hear from us in 24 hours. Within 10 days, you’ll start earning on the platform
learn computer coding
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*Limited spots only