Invite your friends to WhiteHatJr and Get a Robotics Kit Free!
Invite a friend to subscribe to WhiteHatJr and they’ll get a discount of 10%. You’ll get a DIY robotics kit worth ₹1500 for your child completely free.
How it Works

Share your Link

Invite your friends to join WhiteHat Jr classes using your unique link.

Give 10% discount

Friends who buy WhiteHat Jr classes with your link will get 10% discount.

Get Robotics kit worth ₹1500

When your friend buy WhiteHat Jr classes, you’ll get DIY robotics kit worth ₹1500.

Frequently Asked Questions
We are providing Arduino-based robotics kits made by one of the top manufacturers of such kits in India - Quad Store. Arduino is an open-source programming language and parts used the world over for robotics. The kit we are providing has over 20 unique parts and your kid can build things like automatic traffic lights and even a fire alarm with the included temperature sensor.
Please share your unique referral link with your friends. They can buy Whitehat Jr classes at 10% discount using that link. You can check your Dashboard or Email for your unique link.
Any of your friends or family with children from ages 6-18 would love WhiteHatJr. There is no previous qualification, skill or aptitude needed by kids to get the best out of WhiteHatJr.
No. The more people you refer to WhiteHatJr, the more rewards for you! However, Keep in mind, the intent is to add members who will benefit from the WhiteHatJr curriculum. We would request that you make your referral count!
For the first referral that registers with WhiteHatJr, completes the trial class and buys a paid subscription with WhiteHatJr, you will receive a robotics kit worth INR ₹1500! For your second referral onwards, we will credit you cash of ₹1500 to your account immediately on successful payment.
Yes! When your referrals register with us, complete a trial class and buy a paid subscription from WhiteHatJr, we will give them a 10% discount at payment. This discount will be applied only if they registered with us using your unique referral link. Otherwise we won’t know they are your friends! The discount will be valid on first payment only and not on renewals.
The WhiteHatJr referral program is open to kids age groups 6-18. It doesn't matter if your friend’s kid is of a different age from yours or takes a different course. As long as they register with your unique referral code, they will get a 10% discount on payment and you will immediately be credited as their referral.
We will credit you as the referral immediately on purchase of a paid subscription with WhiteHatJr. We will send your gift as soon as possible, but please allow up to 30 days for receipt. You will receive a mail for each successful referral.
You will receive a mail for each successful referral.